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Pure Vermont Maple Syrup begins with pure sap from the Vermont Sugar Maple tree.  The sap is collected in the spring, taken to the sugar house, and carefully boiled down until the flavor, sweetness, color, and viscosity results in maple syrup perfection.  Coming from the tree, maple sap is approximately 98% water and 2% sugar, and beginning it's path to become pure Vermont maple syrup. When the syrup is finished, it is only 33% water and 67% sugar.   It takes about 40 gallons of the thin, sweet sap of the sugar maple to make one gallon of our beautiful Vermont maple syrup.

The final product requires careful finishing.


Here Ray uses a hydrometer cup to measure the
density of the maple syrup before beginning to pour.

Our custom Pure Vermont Maple Syrup jugs make it convenient to store and pour, and are unbreakable.

We also can package our Pure Vermont Maple Syrup in elegant  etched bottles, tailor-made for your personal or
corporate gift, or to mark a special occasion.

Please see our page on Etched Bottles
for more details on these wonderful custom bottles.

Visitors to our Guest House are afforded complementary pure Vermont maple syrup from our sugarhouse year round throughout their stay.  If you visit during the spring sugaring season, you are invited to drop in our sugarworks, watch our maple syrup being made, and even pitch in if you like.

Our Pure Vermont Maple Syrup is available by mail order purchase -
please visit our
Syrup Sales page.

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